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Hey everybody,

Ready for some more great tips and motivation? In this video series, I’ll be teaching you all about:

Joint Pain Relief – Move Like A Kid, Feel Like A Kid

Today’s video is titled ‘Strengthen What’s Loose, Stretch What’s Tight’. Create balance in your body and I guarantee you’ll feel like a rock star!

Hint:  Try to pair muscles into equals, but opposites.

Have a great day,


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3 Responses to “Joint Pain Relief 3 – Strengthen What’s Loose, Stretch What’s Tight”


Kareem: Yes, I’ve been really happy with the way my shoulders have been slowly starting to set back over the last few weeks. It’s pretty damn amazing to watch your body change!

I wanted to ask you specifically about exercises for the top third of the spine, though. This is still kind of rounded. Will LHPH exercises such as mid/lower trap on ball, tree cutters, tband rows, etc also slowly straighten out this area? Or is something different required?

I’m currently in week 17 of the programme, fyi. Thanks.


Hey Kym,

Wow – isn’t it crazy how time flies??

17 weeks – congratulations! You’re killing it!

Yes, mid trap/lower trap on the ball, modified tree cutters, rhomboid pull ups (wide grip, only to 90 degrees at the armpit) and inverted lat rows (level 2 or 3) will all work on that section of your spine.

However, one thing to be aware of is that lots of people use their upper trap (further rounding their shoulders) when trying to do lower trap on the ball. Be careful here – make sure that you are relaxing the top of your shoulders and setting your shoulderblades down and back… let your arms go for the ride and move from your shoulderblades.

Make sense?


Hey Kareem,

Hope your hiking and tubing went awesome this weekend. Yeah, week 17. Thanks for your support as always.

I think I get what you mean about the lower trap. I’ve always had trouble with this one to be honest, but I think I’m finally starting to feel the right muscles move. Good tip!

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