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Hey everybody,

Ready for some more great tips and motivation? In this video series, I’ll be teaching you all about:

Joint Pain Relief – Move Like A Kid, Feel Like A Kid

Today’s video is titled ‘Muscle Balancing’. I’m going to show you how to feel like a kid and move like one too!

Hint:  Were you able to keep up?  If so, please comment below and tell us about your experience…

Have a great day,


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22 Responses to “Joint Pain Relief 1 – Muscle Balancing”






Hey Chelsea,

No, you shouldn’t continue if you are experiencing pain when exercising. Then again, are you feeling the muscle being worked or is it in the joint? (i.e. dull, achy usually is muscle; sharp &/or shooting usually is the joint)

To be safe, I’d find the pain-free exercises and/or ranges of motion and only exercise them.

Where do you have pain?

No problems with any of the movements, the only aches were from my sore delts and biceps from this weeks’ workouts :)

However, big problem with the sound. I had my PC as well as the video sounds on full and could barely hear you :(


THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR KNOWLEDGE!..You share in such a way even I understand! phyllis from frisco colo.


This is a timely lesson, I must say. Just about to do my PT exercises. Poor little supraspinatus!

Thanks for the great lessons.


Hey Sarah,

Great to hear from you!

Care to share what made you so sore?

It sure would go along well with the Michelle Obama Arms post!

Sorry about the audio – it’s working fine on my side. (a little low, but bad at all)

Did anyone else have this problem?


You’re welcome, Phyllis!

Thanks for listening – please help me spread the word.

This community is certainly growing, but there are over
400 videos now up here and I’d love to share this info
with more people!

Just send them to:


poor little suprspinatus – I love that!

my pleasure, Rosemary.

Jamaal Richardson

Very practical and timely advise Dr. K. I’ve recently (shame on me!) incorporated more supraspinatus work in my training to build more structural integrity in my shoulder-girdle. From a physiological standpoint, is it just the relatively small size of the supraspinatus that makes working it with relatively small weight feel so brutal?


What’s up Jamaal,

Good to hear from you!

Yeah, the supraspinatus is a small muscle to begin with… plus, the length of your arm creates a lot of torque into the joint. This torque makes a small weight act as much more. Think about it this way… using a big screwdriver vs. a small screwdriver. What’s easier?

The big one, right… well, your arm is like a gigantic screw driver, so any weight placed in your hand becomes a lot of torque into your shoulder joint and is magnified as a result. In the case of the supraspinatus, there just isn’t enough cross-sectional area to produce a lot of force… (length + width + thickness of the muscle)

does this make sense?

Jamaal Richardson

“does this make sense?”

Yeah absolutely. Being that such is the case, is it advisable to do rotator cuff exercises at the beginning of an upper-body workout when they are less fatigued or at the end?


Hey Kareem,

Fascinating as always. Just got back from a couple of days of kayaking and hiking and I know that just went so much better after four months on LHPH.

But you got anything for bruises and sunburn!?


Hey Jamaal,

another great question…

here’s what I have to say about that – what’s your exercise goal? rehab/strengthening of the rotator cuff, bulking, fat loss, general conditioning, etc?

(i know… another question for your question :-)

if the goal is to strengthen the rotator cuff, then i’d advise you to make that the priority and exercise it first. Otherwise, it’s more sensible to work big muscle groups to small, as with any other exercise (i.e. bench press before tricep extensions or dips)


actually… i do! (i’m going hiking and tubing this weekend)

try increasing intake of vitamin K and vitamin E – you’ll heal faster… or so is said :-)


Thanks for the tip, bud. I don’t know much about vitamin K so I’ll have to check that out.

Enjoy your weekend and get yourself charged up with all those negative ions!


Hi Dr K,
Good info. could you do a vid on knee-hip muscle imbalances? I went to a PT they said the usual–I have weak glutes and gave me a bunch of leg exercises to do (3 sets of 10 reps each) plus a walkiing program. I feel stiffer than when I went to see the PT! Something is wrong with this picture.


sure, Mary. I’d be happy to do a video for you and try to help in any way I can… sorry things haven’t been going your way so far :-(


Hi Kareem,
I\’m a 49 year old tennis player (on a city USTA league) and I\’ve been plagued with some injuries that I\’d like advice about. First I had a shoulder injury (possible impingement) and the doc recommended physical therapy, which HAS helped a lot. But now I\’ve got tennis elbow. You talked about WHY we should exercise the various muscles, but I wonder if you could actually demonstrate more on the HOW. I like the ones the physical therapist started me on, but I think there are more that I could be doing. If you could show exercises that can be done at home it would be awesome, as I\’m not a member of a gym. I have several smaller weights and also stretch rubber bands. I know you\’re super busy now so no hurry, and don\’t sacrifice your own health (sleep deprivation) and family (grandfather), just to please all of us! We can wait a few extra days!!! Thanks so much.


Hey Jan,

Thanks for the comment – sure, I’d be glad to show you some stuff you can do… I’ll try to film a video about this and post it to the blog tomorrow – a simple checkpoint system you can use to identify imbalances & restore joints

sound good?

have a great night,



Hi Dr. K
Thanks again for your active concern for us. I have a question about what to start on first. I know my core strength is abysmal so I started with the abs and back exercises. But, after doing them for two days just about all my joints hurt. Shoulders, elbows,wrists, lower back and knees. I tried very hard to have proper form. Do I do exercises to rehabilitate my joints first and then work on my core and then do the regular workout? And if so, what would exercises would help my joints?
Thanks again.


Hey Kareem,
Thanks for all the great info!
I suffered from a high ankle sprain last year due to an injury at the gym. I thought it was well rehabilitated, but re-injured it doing alternating jumping lunges a month ago. It is not healing well. Do you have any advice?


Hey Nathalie,

sure! I’d love to help…

High ankle sprains tend to keep coming back until you spend 6-8 weeks non weight-bearing (i.e. crutches) – sorry, I know this is a bummer, but that’s a reality.

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