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Hey everybody,

Ready for some more great tips and motivation? In this video series, I’ll be teaching you all about:

Balance & Core Strength – Look Great, Move Like An Athlete

Today’s video is titled ‘Olympic Balance Secrets’. I was fortunate to spend time training and treating quite a few Olympians, and now I’m going to share some of my best kept secrets with you :-)

Hint:  You’ll want to watch this 2-3x to let it really sink in…

Have a great day,


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4 Responses to “Balance & Core Strength 2 – Olympic Balance Secrets”


Dr. K,

How advanced should I be to incorporate this? If I\\\’m already working with unstable environments, is this something I can try?

Thanks for all of the great info.



You’re welcome.

You bet you can, Rosemary.

The best way to incorporate this is by choosing this as an alternative to an unstable surface (or if you get really advance, your stance leg might be on the dyna disc or Bosu) – does this make sense?

Once you get the hang of this stuff, never be afraid to “sub in/out” great exercise alternatives like this in your workout routine.

Have a great day,


Jamaal Richardson

Hey Dr. K,

First off I just want to say that among many experts in the field of health and fitness that I lean on for both myself and my clients, you are one of the best hands down. I’m a trainer, but am also going into physical therapy as a segue into the industry. Its funny that you posted this video today because for the past two days I’ve been mulling over who serves as a benchmark for excellent health and fitness. The answer I came up with was Olympians! My question is this, I really want to get some information concerning exercise and nutrition protocols for Olympic athletes so I can adapt those practices to fit my client’s own needs. Do you have any suggestions on literature?

Thanks a bunch, I know that was kinda full-on!

Jamaal Richardson


Hey Jamaal,

Thank you. Your words mean a lot, and I’m glad to help both you and your clients in any capacity possible.

You rock for sending such kind words my way!

Most Olympic teams follow training & nutrition programs from NSCA and then adapt from there… the thing is, there’s so much more, between strength coaches, speed coaches, physical therapists, skill development programs, nutrition & lifestyle coaches… it gets complicated fast.

My suggestion would be to pick an athlete for each sport of interest…. then Google from there. Many athletes make this information public through youtube, written articles, & press releases.

Also, the best way (if you ask me) is to just contact an ex-Olympic coach and ask them. That’s how I got started… actually, it was through Women’s Track & Field. They’re usually very happy to help, and sooo passionate about what they do. I’d be candid and let them know that you admire them… best of luck!

Hope this info helps – wish I had one direct source, but things are too individualized at that level if you ask me.

Have a great day,


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