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Hey everybody,

Knee pain sucks. It makes you feel like you can’t exercise, when in reality, there’s so much you can do.

Knee Pain Exercises – Knee Pain Tips & Tricks

Did these exercises help?

Have a great day,


Oh, fyi – I spoke with Todd Scott about the bent-leg deadlifts.  He and I have named the same exercise different things and he actually DOES discourage Straight-leg Deadlifts as well – told you this guy was good!

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4 Responses to “Exercises for Knee Pain”


Thanks again. Lots to learn about the knee. You said if you have a pateller issue to warm up with sliding type motions. What about if it is the side of the knee–what is a good motion to fire up those glutes before trying to squat?


Hi Again

Thanks for responding and including specifics from my last comment in your latest video. You mentioned that the knee cap can tilt, however my understanding is that I am
“knock-kneed” (opposite of bow legged) and that my patellas are much further toward the middle (medial) than they should be. Is it really possible to correct that?

I’ll definetly remember to ‘toe-out’ when squatting from now on.

Thanks again- the info you put out here is awesome!!


I was telling a women today about your posts – she is suffering with patellofemoral symdrom too. We were comparing notes and I realized I made a big mistake in my last post… opps. My knee caps are not to far “medial” but too far laterally!! Big difference! When the PT measured me last year it was 8 cm from the medial condyle to the center of the cap an only 5 cm fmo the lateral condyle of the femer. My impression was that that was fairly extreme, but part of that is due just to having female anotomic structure. Hope that makes more sence.
Thanks again. I’ll be giving my friend your web address and telling her to look you up!


Hey Kate,

First of all, thanks for the referral. It means the world to me.

Secondly, let’s speak some more about this issue… bony alignment is not going to change because of exercise. The importance is anticipating issues and strengthening for prevention. Also, understanding your knees’ susceptibility to swelling is increased because of ‘bony rub’ taking place between your femur and patella…

Let’s make this more clear:

If you are knock-kneed (i.e. your knees point towards one another while standing), you are putting more stretch on the inside of your knee (i.e. MCL) and more compression on the outside.

This means that you should strengthen muscles that can take pressure off of your MCL (i.e. your ADductors and hip internal rotators)

If you are bow-legged (i.e. your knees point outwards while standing), you are putting more stretch on your LCL, and more compression on the inside of your knee.

This means that you should strengthen muscles that take pressure off of your LCL (i.e. your ABductors and hip external rotators)

Does this make more sense for you?

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