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Hey everybody,

Knee pain sucks.  It makes you feel like you can’t exercise, when in reality, there’s so much you can do.

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome – Knee Pain Tips & Tricks

Hint:  If you’ve had an injury and worked against the odds with it, I’m sure your story would inspire others if you wrote it here…

Have a great day,


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6 Responses to “Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome”


Could you repeat the part about toeing out during the squat if you have a knee issue? Did you say it is or is not recommended?


Well I had a bit of an injury about 20 years ago now. I lost my right arm above te elbow and right leg above the knee in a motorbike accident.
My left knee does protest at times at all the extra work it has to do. It does ALL the work going up and down stairs etc.
Squats are a bit hard as my prosthetic leg doesn’t bend as far or in the same plane. I found if I stand on a 2ft high stool with prosthetic leg dangling I can squat to parallel on the good leg. Boy doesn’t that work it! 100 of them and you know all about it!
Occasionally I get a twinge from the knee that robs all the strength, momentaryly, and my knee almost collapses. I find if I do several short range partial squats right at the sore sticking point I can stop it fairly quickly, but why does it do it?.
Thanks for your time.


Elephonts. Cool.

Kareem: If you get a chance in an upcoming video, could you go more into foot position during squats? (At the end of this video, you talk about creating a bony block by toeing out?)

Also, is there any way to determine yourself if you should be using ice?

Thanks, as always


Hi Dr. K.

This topic is perfect for me!! I’m happy to say I am not currently suffering knee pain but I have experienced exactly what you spoke about and occasionally have minor recurrences.
I first started noticing pain around my knee cap when my trainer introduced me to squats and lunges. My chiroprator treated them and I was icing religiously after every workout, but they still ached so went to a PT he explained my tracking issues (my patella is waay off center! – biomechanics I’ll have to live with). After several strengthing workouts with the PT and the aid of knee straps I am now pain free (except for the occasional minor bout when I over do it).
I’m looking forward to the exercises your going to show us next!

Keep the great work up and thanks for this video series.



Thanks for the vid Dr K! I have the patellar problem and now have side knee pain. I have really lost a lot of range of motion (in general I am hypermobile)
so it stinks not working out as much or as hard. I like what you said about the blood supply to the joint–never thought about it that way. Look forward to more info:)


Hi Dr K,

I’ve have patellar tendonosis for the past year, with pain just under both of my nkeecaps, and I’ve seen a PT chiropractor since the beginning fo the year and it is not significantly healing. I’ve done a ton of reading on this issue, and there is just so much to do, but no one i have gone to can give me a good solution and diagnosis of my problem. I’ve basically come to the conclusion that, apart from many muscle imbalnces, the main is a very tight right psoas muscle, which is very difficult to loosen, so i may have to search for a specialist in that, here in Sydney.
Also, diet is key to reducing inflammation, as is icing ofcourse.
I think my problem arose due to poor technique with doing alot of weighted squats and vertical leaps, aswell as playing indoor soccer, in which the hard surface puts alot of pressure on my knee, especially since it probably doesnt track correctly.
This is such a complex problem, and I think that without a world class expert to fully understand the problem, which is unique to the individual, recovery seems almost impossible, as ive read about people who have had this for over 20 years.
I believe it is the same problem that has plagued Rafael Nadal for the past couple of years aswell, although probably to a lesser extent than me.
I may not be a professional athlete, but I treat myself like one, training intensly, so this is totally demoralising not being able to play football and train my body like i want to…hmm I may have written a rather long message, but oh well, it’s a complex issue and a major problem.

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