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Hey everybody,

Watch the video above to find out how you can get the following for a measly $280:

  • Full year tuition to Lift Hard Play Hard ($804 value)
  • Ab Strength Guide ($47 value)
  • Weight Loss Cardio ($47 value)
  • Anti Gravity Solution ($47 value)
  • Secret Ab Formula ($67 value)

That’s a savings of $732, but it’s only available to the first 28 14 9 3 2 people who sign up.

There are no exceptions to this, period.  You have to watch the video to learn how.  When 28 14 9 3 2 people sign up, that’s it!

(I probably will never offer a deal like this again – frankly, I’m pretty excited about my birthday this year, and I’m on a vacation that’s getting expensive fast.  I thought I’d run this promotion to help you out, while making my vacation a bit more affordable 😉

Have a great day,


Click here to save $732 right now and get the complete Solution to Fitness for a fraction of the cost! (you can be one of the last 149 3 2 people if you hurry)

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9 Responses to “HUGE BIRTHDAY SALE – 28 PEOPLE ONLY!!!”


Happy B\’day man. I like the way you celebrate. Quite a gift you’re GIVING away: you’re getting older and helping us to stay feelin’ young. Have a good one and many more. Thanks for all you do!



You are making me homesick! Is that Mount Si?

Oh- Never mind. You are on the peninsula, not Mount Si. Try to go to Neah Bay while you are out there- you will not believe that view!


Hey Kareem:

I am glad you are enjoying family, friends and the scenery. But most of all what a great deal on your product promotion! With all those products being offered there would not be any excuse to be unfit nor unwise about your exercise program. Happy belated birthday!


Sorry, Topher – you’ll have to come with me next time! Actually, it’s Mt. Townsend – super views!

Thanks, Gary – I know – I was feeling pretty generous when I put this together… I don’t think I’ll ever offer anything like this again – I just can’t believe how much better I feel now than when I was 22-24 years old. It’s amazing what 4 years of being in the best shape of your life can do for your spirit!


Hi Kareem,
I wanted to wish you a happy birthday, and say thank you for choosing to be the person you are. As you celebrate this milestone in your life, we all celebrate and honor who you are and what you give to others. You are a great example of the fact that what you put out into the world comes back to you tenfold.

Keep up the good work :)
Carla in Colorado


Wow, Carla!

So nice to receive this comment from you :-)

You just made my day, seriously!

I’m just glad to be in a position to make a difference, and it certainly helps to know that I have for you. Thanks for your bday wishes and sincerity!


Kareem, Happy birthday! While you were climbing in Washington, I was feeling great climbing in Cevara, Italy, thinking, “I never could have done this before!” Thanks to your training and encouragement, I walked, climbed, hiked through villages, farms, castle towers and mountains loving every minute of it. Keep up the great work. Here’s to another year of health and happiness!

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