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Hey everybody,

Ready for some more great tips and motivation? In this video series, I’ll be teaching you all about:

Joint Pain Relief – Move Like A Kid, Feel Like A Kid

Today’s video is titled ‘Rest The Injury, Not The Body’. We used to rest everything when we got hurt… but that was all wrong!

Hint:  Pick a body part, name an injured muscle, and write down 3 good exercises below.  I’ll let you know if you’re right.

Have a great day,


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8 Responses to “Joint Pain Relief 4 – Rest The Injury, Not The Body”


Question: I was taking in 1400 calories daily, walking six days a week (30 – 60 minutes), and doing strength exercises two days a week, and was not losing an ounce of weight. This has gone on for six months. I am so sore each and every time I’m done walking, but not sore during the walk. My doctor’s theory is “you aren’t doing enough.” My trainer says I may be overtraining. What am I doing wrong?


Yeah, this still amazes me. Muscle strains that can take three or four days to heal if you sit around are gone in a day or two if you keep yourself moving. I heal just as fast in my 40s as in my 20s.

Kareem: Is that offer of video responses open to existing LHPH members? Got a couple of exercise substitutes I want to hit you up for. :-)

Also, just an idle question about your Antigravity Solution program. Would that be too rigorous for a female in their 60s (tough as nails but) with arthritis challenges?


Hey Lynda,

Thanks for writing in.

Have you read The Calorie Furnace Chronicle yet? (you can get it by signing up on the right hand side of this page)

It sounds to me that you’re not consuming nearly enough calories… also, your walking/weight-lifting ratio is off a bit if your intention is to lose weight. It’s much easier to lose weight while watching nutrition and building muscle.

have you had a chance to look over this turnkey fat loss program so I can help you out?


Hey Kym,


All offers are good for Lift Hard Play Hard customers.

You guys get hooked up, every single time. That’s why it pays to be a customer of Lift Hard Play Hard.

It’s awesome hearing how quickly you’re healing – that’s a sign of fitness you never want to go away… keep up the great work – I’m right behind you!

As for Anti Gravity Solution, it should be perfect for a strong 60 year old. It’s meant to be a lighter program, but it’s a ‘feel-good’ kind of workout, you know?!

Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions…

Have a great day,



How do you work around a knee injury? The PTs are making me work the knees all the time by either doing squata and lunges or leg raises or walking. I’m gettting stiffer. My knees feel like they weigh 30 lbs!


Hey Mary,

That’s simple. Exercise everything else. I actually go into a full discussion of this in the ‘Exercising Around An Injury‘ video presentation in Lift Hard Play Hard, but the basis is simple to follow. Exercise everything that is pain-free (your fingers, toes, elbows, shoulders, trunk, etc.) – you’ll heal faster by promoting increased circulation.

let me know how it goes…


Dear Dr K,

I self-diagnosed that i strained my AC joint (shoulder) when losing control of a dumbell (10kg) during bench press 9 days ago. The pain is still around probably b/c i did not ice as i did not know that RICE is so important. I really learnt alot from your great videos.

My one ankle is also injured. I hope u can recommend on what other body parts should i keep active while resting my injured areas.

Thank you


Hey Kah,

Great to hear from you!

(assuming no unusual circumstances that I can’t account for by providing general advice online)

Of course I can help… you can safely exercise every other body part and you will heal much faster.

Don’t worry about building asymmetries right now. Instead work on exercising anything that doesn’t cause you pain. This will help you draw more circulation to the necessary areas and your body will naturally learn to heal much more quickly. Hope this helps!

(you’re welcome)

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